Madrid, in short

March 21st, 2012 § 4 comments

Sangria & Olives in the Spanish Sunshine, so cliche!

While normally I spend a holiday snapping photos like it’s no one’s business, my short time in Madrid was spent mostly soaking up the conversation (and admittedly- the gin and tonics and pitchers of sangria) with two friends that I haven’t seen in ages.  These two friends, by the way, had never met and got along grand, something that always makes me happy (Worlds Colliding!).

You might not know this (and I found out on the flight to Madrid) but Spain is experiencing something of a Gin & Tonic craze right now. More to be found on that herehere and here. And as Gin & Tonic is, in fact, my weapon drink of choice, it was quite easy for me to do like the locals.

I call this "View from a Gin & Tonic"

I call this one "View from a Gin & Tonic, 2"

Required Shot of Plaza Mayor, Hangover Edition (Thanks to the previous Gin & Tonics)

Despite what the photos say, we actually did do more in Madrid than eat and drink. We perused the amazing Prado Museum, focusing mostly on the Spanish artists, wondered at some of the thought-provoking work in the Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, and we popped into the very busy El Rastro market on Sunday. We also shopped (fancy that!) and wandered.

However, there was a surprisingly lot that we didn’t get to do, and it is for that reason that Madrid is still on my List.  As a big, bustling city, it definitely deserved a lot more time, and I can’t cross it off until I get back there and give it more of the attention that it deserves.

Tiramisu in a Jar

Angela playing the part of Madrileña quite convincingly

A sugar-packed breakfast of churros & chocolate. YES PLEASE.

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§ 4 Responses to Madrid, in short"

  • lily says:

    Madrid is great for eating and boozing! …and escaping cold Dutch winter weather :)

  • YoMaMa says:

    Madrid is also on my list. I’ve been to the Madrid Airport at least six times counting return flights – but I’ve never spent time in the city. Nice airport though… ;-) Is the city as nice as Barcelona?

    • Amanda Blog & Kiss says:

      It is nice in its own way- but I think you would like Barcelona more if you went to Madrid. Madrid has such a big-city feel (jostling, pushy people) and Barcelona has that laid-back beach city vibe.

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