Ooooooooooh! After the love is gone!

July 27th, 2012 § 5 comments

Normally after a night spent awake, I look back in bleary-eyed wonder about what could have kept me up for those extra 8 hours.

This time, I know.

It’s the people who walk down my street at all hours of the night, talking to the person three inches to their left as if they were three miles away.

It is the heat of the city, which makes me sleep with the windows open, which makes it that much easier to hear all of them shouting to their friends.

It was the douchey douchebags who were sitting on the tram stop in front of my apartment blasting horribly repetitive tap-on-my-brain-with-a-hammer techno music.

It was me furiously dialing the police non-emergency line, scrambling in my brain to come up with the proper way to say in Dutch, “There are two douchebags on the tram stop in front of my house CAN YOU PLEASE ARREST THEM I HAVE TO BE IN WORK SOON.” (Luckily their tram came before the police picked up the phone; I didn’t quite have the sentence fully formed and it would have just been me yelling down the line “EIKELS! ¬†EIKELS OP DE TRAMHALTE! VOOR MIJN DEUR! DOE IETS!”.)

It is this pain in my shoulder returning after a three year absence. ¬†Can’t say I missed it much, or the havoc that it wrecked on my life at the time.

It is shin splints.

And it’s this song, the chorus of which keeps repeating ad nauseum in my head.

So, if knowing is half the battle, what then have I won?

§ 5 Responses to Ooooooooooh! After the love is gone!"

  • Andrea says:

    I can say that I will NOT click on that link!! LOL
    Can you try a sound machine or radio or something to drown out the outside noise, or do you need it completely quiet?

  • Jason says:

    I know what you mean! There is a barbershop on the ground floor of the building next to ours that only seems to be open from 8pm until 4am. They come outside for smoke breaks and SCREAM at each other, even though they’re only inches away. I was coming home at 2am on Friday, and as I rounded the corner a block away, I could hear them.

    • That’s city life for you! I’m not sure what happened to me, but somewhere along the way I went from being able to sleep through a tornado, to having insomnia episodes where I can’t sleep at all. The screaming people on the street don’t help. I’m turning into that cranky old woman who stands at the window calling the cops on people at 1 am!

  • YoMama says:

    iPod + Headphones + story-telling podcasts* = sleep in a matter of minutes. I’m serious, try it.

    *Actually, I recently purchased an iPod pillow, it has a speaker in it and now I don’t have to wear the headphones. Love it, Love It, LOVE IT!

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