My Day Yesterday

July 31st, 2012 § 2 comments

While walking the dog through Vondelpark, he did what he always does, what dogs always do, and that is pull tricks in whatever ways they can pull them.  People were spread far and wide across the whole park, but when it came time to hunch up and do his business, he stopped right in front of someone on a bench.  Call it a canine sense of humor, or just call it bad manners, either way he gets us every time.

This guy was maybe in his early 20′s, sitting in the shade of some bushes on a park bench, leaning almost into the bushes themselves.  He had his headphones on, a spliff in his hand, and was probably really enjoying life until the dog and I entered stage left.

I stood there about three feet away from him while Mylo hunched over.  I had my bag in hand ready to be a responsible dog owner, and was trying my damndest not to make eye contact with the guy.  After a few moments, I thought, “Oh to hell.  I’m practically standing on the guy’s toes, I have to say something.”

So I looked down at him on the bench and indicated towards the hunched over dog, “Sorry,” I mumbled.  ”Bad timing.”

“It’s not bad timing, it’s perfect timing,” he said.  Then he smiled.  ”Sometimes life can be shitty.”


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