I am the niche.

August 6th, 2012 § 7 comments

After writing to me about how ridiculous it was that Gwenyth Paltrow was trying to convince her to buy $550 cashmere leggings via the medium of her blog Goop, my cousin ended her email with “I’ve been a blog stalker lately.  You should write everyday. ”

So this is for her:

Tina, I will write more, I promise.

I’ve neglected my blog somewhat lately, and I considered just shutting it all down, closing up the blog shop, and forgetting about the whole thing.  Mostly because blogs feel like something of a dinosaur these days.

But then I realized that, since the days of my geocities blog WAY BACK WHEN (R.I.P.), it’s not that blogs are a dinosaur.  It’s that they’ve evolved.  They’re a lizard now, if that makes sense in the metaphor that I am trying to make here.

And I’m not evolving with them, I guess.   Because I’m not trying to make money with my blog, and not trying to find any sort of niche here.  I’m not claiming to be an expert on anything, and it seems that’s all that everyone else is doing: blogging for money or fame (ha!) or self-professed expertise, and not just blogging for the sake of the words.

No one blogs for the words anymore!

I guess on this blog, I am the niche.  That is what this blog is about, it’s about me.  ME!


Take that you slimey lizard blogs.

Oh hey, speaking of words!

The Amsterdam Writers Group is meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 7 August).

This fiction blog is amazing.  She should focus on a longer work, seriously.  I’d be first in line to buy it.


I asked for a quote today for a neon sign that I can hang in my room.  Similar to this one.  Except mine would say ” float on” after my all-time favorite pick-me-up song by Modest Mouse.


Words Elsewhere:

Hotel V:  A Nudist Troll Tries to Book at Hotel V (Ha!)

Hotel V: What to do in Amsterdam in August (So much!  It is going to be a great month.)



§ 7 Responses to I am the niche."

  • SweetT says:

    you summed up what i miss most about livejournal.
    lj has long fallen out of fashion but it has its merits. blogs have become a platform to market and peddle products so i don’t follow most but i do read goop for reasons that are still unknown to me.

    • Is it perhaps a peek into the celebrity lifestyle that keeps you gooping? I can understand that. She’s an enigma.
      I briefly, briefly, ever so briefly had a livejournal where I tried to spill my relationship history, but at that time (2003 maybe???) there was little history to tell and my blog fizzzzzzled out.
      Looking back this was a good thing.

  • Hemborgwife says:

    This is almost exactly the post I was going to write today! I still am and it is going to be about why I blog and how it has nothing to do with free stuff or millions of comments!

  • Tina says:

    keep on bloggin and i’ll keep on reading…ps- i’m still thinking about those goop cashmere leggins. lol.

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